Payment of Club Bills by Cash at Banks

Date : 08 Sep 2016

Dear Members, due to a number of Members paying their bills via cash at the banks and not forwarding the payment receipt slip to the Club, we are currently facing problems with reconciling the payment amounts to the various members’ accounts.

Please be informed that for any cash payments made to the Club, the payment receipt must be forwarded to the Club either by hard copy (at the reception counter), fax - 03 2693 4724 or via e-mail to < or>. Without the payment receipt we will not be able to regularise your account.

Please note that we would prefer that payment to the Club is made via cheque, online transfers, auto debit or credit card. Please refer to our payment options that are clearly outlined in this web portal (click here to view payment options).

Please also note that if you do make payment by cash and the payment receipt is not forwarded to the Club, we will not credit your account which may result in the defaulter process being activated.

We kindly request you cooperation in this matter and thank you for the same.


Yours sincerely,

General Manager

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